Raw “Dorayaki” with a fluffy texture


Kamenoko Honpo’s raw dorayaki “Namada! Dorayaki”(亀乃子本舗の生どら焼き”生ダ!どら焼き”)
Dorayaki is a Japanese sweet that is usually made of two slightly swollen discs of castella-like dough with red bean paste sandwiched between them.
This dorayaki is also sandwiched with fresh cream (usually not). The combination of fresh cream and red bean paste would seem quite sweet, but this one is not so sweet, and the fresh cream has a nice sweetness without overpowering the flavor of the red bean paste.
”Anko”(=red bean paste) is essential to Japanese sweets. Anko is used in a variety of Japanese sweets, but I often eat it in the familiar ”dorayaki”.
About 280 yen per piece.